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Strong Siberian Company

We come from Siberia. We believe in force of nature and infinite possibilities.
We know than youth can be eternal, and everyone can be successful.

We create unique products based on the long-term experience of the Chinese, Indian and Altai healing traditions as well as advanced biotechnologies.

We offer business that changes people’s lives for the better, gives freedom and makes dreams come true.

17 years
at the market of beauty and health products
7 countries
Russia, CIS, Europe
350 sales offices
in Russia and abroad

Mission and values

Our mission is to respect and appreciate the dream of every person, offering high-quality products and successful business for its implementation.


We respect the rights, values and dreams of every person. We appreciate our consultants, customers and partners, and look with favor on each of them.


We fulfill all commitments and agreements to our consultants, customers and partners. We appreciate the trust of regional representatives and take pride in their confidence in the future in MeiTan.


The Company’s management is open to communication and meaningful dialogues. The opinion of our partners is important for us, because we want to make the cooperation with our Company comfortable for people.


MeiTan Ethics Code is your guaranty for the plan implementation, earnings visibility and career advancement.

Environmental compatibility

MeiTan offers natural ingredients in the products, transparent and clear business principals, social responsibility to the partners of the Company and consumers of the products, as well as unblemished business reputation of the manufacturing plants.


Everything we do is based on love. We set up the Charity Project “You only live once!” to support and render assistance to children from a deprived background, within the framework of which we open children’s playrooms in child health clinics right across Russia.

High-quality product – successful business

All the products are released in compliance with the international manufacturing and quality control standards such as GMP and ISO 9001. Every family needs our products, therefore earning money with MeiTan is easy.

Core value – our consultants

We appreciate the work of our consultants and offer different variants of partnership with the Company, as well as numerous bonus and remuneration programs.


We use state-of-the-art technologies to develop new products and introduce effective practices for training of our consultants.

Dynamic development

We put emphasis on the professional and personal development of the Company’s employees and partners, and welcome a creative approach to work.

Choose your tomorrow


The main driving force of the MeiTan brand is our consultants. These are thousands of people who have taken a step to successful future together with us.

The Company’s consultants gain support at every work stage: free schools, high-quality products, educational resources, prompt delivery of products, timely payments and consultations. There are over 100 employees in the Company’s headquarters engaged for the convenient work of every consultant.

Charity project «You only live once!»

You only live once
It’s time to give the good

MeiTan created a charity project “You only live once” this year. It was this year that the first Charity Ball was held, the funds of which were raised for repairing picturesque playrooms in children's hospitals. And we have already been lighting up children's smiles together with you for over 10 years, helping babies overcome their illnesses and believe in miracles.

Find out more


MeiTan products are goods for beauty, health, hygiene and care for home for all the family members. We create products meeting the modern trends – nutraceuticals, cosmetics with pro- and prebiotics, liposomal formula, neurosciences and aromatherapy. The production is certified according to the international standards GMP and ISO 9001. The products are made at factories in China, India, Taiwan, Russia, Israel, Thailand and Korea.

Skin Care Cosmetics
Decorative Cosmetics
Household Detergents
President's word

Protection and support – these two words are especially valuable today. We saw how easy it was to lose what seemed sustainable yesterday – health, financial soundness and even freedom. We realized how important it was to have resources in order to protect our relatives, be independent of external circumstances and look ahead with confidence.

If you share these values, it means that you go in the same direction with MeiTan. I will be glad to see you as our Company’s partner and I promise you to render support at every cooperation stage.

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With respect and love, President of the Company
Lyubov' Levanyuk




The international online project “Bizonline” was started.

“Hunt for Kilograms”.

There were two seasons of the online marathon of slenderness “Hunt for Kilograms”.
The winners were awarded with prizes up to 100 thousand rubles.

“Business is managed by people”.

Promotion “Business is managed by people”.
The monthly drawing of Apple iPhone XR, Apple Watch S4, Huawei Honor, Lenovo Tab gadgets for the Company’s newcomers.

Main events during this year

The marketing plan of the Company was updated.

Promotion “Energy Life”. The grand prize – recreation in Sochi Health Resort of the State Board of the President of the Russian Federation.


Promotion «Anniversary»

The winners got a Hyundai Solaris car, an Apple IPhone 6 smartphone, silver jewelries from the collection “The Little Prince”, as well as package tours to training in Sochi and journeys to Spain and France.
Following the results of the motivation program “MeiTan. Growth Points – 2017!”, the consultants were given package tours to Thailand and Prague.
The winners of the motivation program “Reach the Sun – 2018!” for the Managers of Regional Business Centers and Official Representative Offices got single-week journeys for two persons to Vietnam, China and Arab Emirates, luggage bags for journeys with the Company’s symbols and a lot more.
The Anniversary Relay Race of Holiday Leadership Forums was started in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg, Kurgan, Krasnodar and Barnaul. It was devoted to the 15th anniversary of MeiTan. The Company’s birthday was celebrated by the partners in Belek (Turkey).

The first Official Representative Office of MeiTan in Latvia was opened in the city of Balvi.

A collection of perfumes “MeiTan Aroma” was created together with the perfumer and actor Sergey Gubanov.

Doctor Van Tao Innovation Chinese Medicine

MeiTan range of products included a nutraceutical line from Taiwan «Doctor Van Tao Innovation Chinese Medicine». The first novelties were dry beverage concentrates “PRO-Vision” and “PRO-Genesis”.

The updated baby series “Sea Buckthorn Elephant” with minerals of the Dead Sea from Israel was put on the market.

MeiTan online store started the delivery of products all over the world.


MeiTan launched an online store for consultants and a referral program.

The marketing plan was updated.

Start of cooperation with Israel.

A new category of highly-concentrated and safe laundering and household detergents «MeiTan Home» was introduced.

«MeiTan Style» and «MeiTan Family».

The product range included new categories – a collection of stylish jewelries «MeiTan Style» and functional nutrition «MeiTan Family».

Main events of this year

An educational video project for consultants “Please meet MeiTan!” was started.

MeiTan Star was lighted up on the Friends’ Alley of the Barnaul Zoo.

The winners of promotions «Let’s start!» and «Sea! Amore! MeiTan!» were awarded with package tours to Sochi, Asus tablet computers and smartphones, as well as jewelries.


Brand new web-office for the consultants

A convenient personal account with a possibility of tracing activity, getting learning tools and keeping an eye on the Company’s news

«Indo Medica»

A series of Indo-Tibetan health-improving products «Indo Medica» (India) was introduced.

The best voluntary initiative

The charitable project gave the Company a victory in the regional competition of voluntary initiatives “Crystal Heart of Altai”.

Main events of this year

Promotions “Swifter! Higher! Stronger!” and “Breathe! Love! Fly up!”
Major prizes — Hyundai Solaris cars, journeys to St. Petersburg and Sochi, package tours to a Belokurikha health resort, Samsung tablet computers and smartphones, jewelries.
31 representative offices of MeiTan were opened under the commercial offer of the Company.


Mobile application

MeiTan KIT is a pocket business toll for the consultants’ access to information about the Company, new products, order forms and bonus calculation.

Baby series

The product range was supplemented with the first cosmetic line for babies «Sea Buckthorn Elephant».

Main events of this year

Altai phytocapsules “Robust Siberian” were added to the Company’s assortment.

Directors’ Club “Seagull”
A club for the Company’s leaders striving for growth and improvement of their status was created.

According to the results of the promotion “Simply! Honestly! Really!”, gift certificates and 32 invitations to the Leadership Training in Sochi were presented.


MeiTan online store

Nowadays, the products of the Company are available to consumers from any region of Russia.

Certificate of Honour

MeiTan was awarded with a Certificate of Honour “For rendering charitable assistance to the Altai Region Children's Clinical Hospital” from the Administration of Altai Region.

«Successful Start»

According to the results of the promotion for newcomers “Successful Start”, 26 watches with symbols of the 10th anniversary of MeiTan and 9 golden pendants with diamonds were served.

The first meeting of the Millionaire's Private Club was held.


Cooperation with India

MeiTan products were manufactured in four countries: Russia, China, Thailand and India. A series of traditional Ayurvedic health products was introduced.

The Best Patron of the Year

The first children’s playroom was opened as part of the charity project “You only live once”. MeiTan was awarded with a Diploma “The Best Patron of Barnaul” from the municipal administration in the nomination «Happy Childhood».

Start of the marketing plan «Congratulations! You hit the mark!»

«Meteoric Rise»

According to the results of the promotion «Meteoric Rise», the winners were decorated with 3 Volkswagen Polo cars, 45 package tours to Turkey, 152 golden and brilliant jewelries, 15 electronic book readers and 20 iPads.

10 years of MeiTan

The ceremonial events devoted to the 10th anniversary of MeiTan were held in Moscow and Turkey.


Cooperation with Thailand

The Company started a long-term cooperation with a new manufacturing country. The range of products for beauty and health was supplemented with a category of hygienic products.

New Representative Offices

The Official Representative Offices were opened in Romania, Bulgaria and Belarus, as well as departments of MeiTan representative offices were established in 12 Russian cities. 100% representation of the Company was ensured in the Russian cities with a million-plus population.

«MeiTan – it's quite the thing»

According to the results of the promotion «MeiTan – it's quite the thing», consumers were awarded with 40 000 cosmetic kits, 76 iPads, 51 electronic book readers, 120 golden pendants with diamonds and 38 package tours to China.


Opening of the Company’s own office in Moscow

Start of distance learning

Alongside with outdoor training events and schools, the Company arranged online training in form of free webinars.

Main events of this year

The Official Representative Offices were opened in Turkey and Armenia. The Company participated in the largest event at the perfumery and cosmetics market of Russia, CIS and the Eastern Europe — InterCHARM–2011 International Exhibition.

The promotion «MeiTan. Following the dream» was conducted, the winners of which went on vacation and trainings to Turkey.


Main events of this year

MeiTan Presidential Board and Ethics Committee were established.

A representative office of MeiTan was opened in Moldova.

The Company took part in prestigious International Beauty Industry Exhibitions such as InterCHARM–2010 in Moscow and KazInterBeauty’10 in Almaty.

There was a promotion “Be! Act! Possess!”, following the results of which the winners got precious brooches with diamonds and package tours to China.



A charitable fund “You only live once” was established to help children from a deprived background. The Company held the first Charity Ball in its history.

The first Official Representative Office of MeiTan was opened in Estonia.

An elite club was arranged for successful consultants of the Company who earned over a million rubles thanks to bonuses. Annual meetings with successful people, theme parties and exclusive jewelry brooches – all of these are the Millionaire's Private Club.


Main events of this year

A logistic center was opened in Moscow.

MeiTan took part in the KazInterBeauty'2008 International Exhibition of Beauty Industry in Kazakhstan for the first time it its history. 22 winners made a journey to China and 2 winners got new cars according to the results of the Company’s promotion “Orient Express”.

MeiTan celebrated its first anniversary – “5 Years of Growth, Stability and Success” in St. Petersburg.



MeiTan became one of the first network companies decorated with a prestigious order “Golden Network” of the Russian Chamber of Heraldry in the field of network economy “For strengthening of intergovernmental and international relations between people”.
The Company got one of 14 golden medals at the InterCHARM – 2007 International Exhibition of Perfumery and Cosmetics.

The first representative office of the Company was established in Kiev.

«Christmas Constellation» and «Brilliant Placers»

The promotions «Christmas Constellation» and «Brilliant Placers» were held, following the results of which golden and brilliant jewelries, office equipment sets and journeys to Egypt were presented.


Main events of this year

An alignment meeting “Christmas Meetings” for managers of regional Sales Offices of the Company was held in Barnaul for the first time ever.

The first issue of the corporate magazine “MeiTan Time” was published.

The first-ever cars and certificates for journey to Italy were served.


Main events of this year

MeiTan range of products included over 150 names of cosmetic, hygienic and perfume products.

There were more than 30 thousand consultants employed in 37 representative offices of the Company.


Main events of this year

9 representative offices of the Company were established in Russia.

MeiTan offered more than 80 skin and hair care products, as well as intimate hygiene products.


MeiTan Establishment

Commencement of partnership with the leading Chinese manufacturers, creation of cosmetic products based on natural ingredients

Opportunities for cooperation

Flexible working hours, distance work, training and new skills – this is only a small part of advantages when cooperating with MeiTan.

Marketing plan
Open the sales office abroad
Open a MeiTan sales office in your city

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Собственные офисы продаж
пер. Орлово-Давыдовский, 1, ст.метро Пр-т Мира
Григорьева Любовь Венедиктовна
Региональные Бизнес–центры
проезд Серебрякова, 14, с. 23
Бобылева Ольга и Ефтаков Александр
Официальные Представительства
пр-т Андропова, 38к3, оф. 331, ст.м. Коломенская
Быченкова Елена и Песку Николай
Региональные Офисы МейТан
ул. Южнобутовская, 60 м. ул.Горчакова
Шуляк Татьяна и Кристина
Дмитровское шоссе, 98
Варданян Манана
ул. Перерва, 52, корпус 1
Тирская Ирина
ул. Профсоюзная 93А, станция метро Беляево, офис 8
Чаколева Зухра