Children's world is a bright, joyful world filled with vitality and beauty. It lives by its own laws of complete trust, child’s true love, belief in the reality of miracles and fairy tales. To keep the world happy and joyful for our children is an important task for every adult.

For caring people, who were united by a charity project of the MeiTan Company "You only live once", kindness is not an empty word! Together, we light the children's smiles, helping kids to cope with illness and believe in miracles.

A Charity project "You only live once" was launched in 2009 to help children faced with complex problems in their lives. In the same year the MeiTan Company held its first-ever Charity Ball to raise funds under this project.

This money, collected at the charity events, is used to organize holidays and create bright playrooms in children's hospitals in the Altai Territory and now in other regions.

The buyers of the MeiTan Company’s charity products also make their contribution to assisting young patients of hospitals.

Thanks to you, we annually open more than one bright playroom, make repairs and equip hospital wards and classrooms; we buy educational toys, furniture and equipment.

Kindness of your warm hearts adds vivid positive emotions to the days spent by babies in hospitals. This is very important for a speedy recovery.