The Marketing–plan — is the main financial document of the Company, according to which all the payments and rewards to partners are paid. This document contains all the conditions and options of awards, the career ladder, the benefits of the Company and ethical standards.

After examining it, step by step, you make sure that the terms of cooperation with MeiTan Company are clear and transparent. It’s quite easy to calculate and predict your career development and income, and properly, growth of your business. We have only one condition – you have a goal and you are ready to work hardly. People come to us not for a quiet and measured life, come to us for something more than just a job, and get in return drive, recognition, respect, and a sustainable monthly income.

Study "Marketing–plan" in detail, set a goal and move confidently to achieve it, preserving the purity of your beliefs and principles.

I, as President of the Company, guarantee you the fulfillment of all conditions for the accrual and payment of bonuses, bonuses for achieving statuses, as well as observation of Ethics law- book of the Company.

I wish you success!

Levanuyk Lubov President of MeiTan Company