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Start a business with a Company that changes people's lives for the better!
Strong Siberian company

We are from siberia. We believe in the power of nature and endless possibilities. We know that youth can be eternal, and everyone can achieve success.

We create a unique product based on many years of experience in Chinese, Indian, Altai healing and modern biotechnology.

We offer a business that changes people's lives for the better, gives freedom and makes dreams come true.

since 2003
on the market
7 countries
we are in
3 sales offices
350+ sales offices
worldwide partnership
demanded products
200 hundred consultants
across the network
Start your own business with MeiTan!

Your own business is a necessary component of a confident Tomorrow. For your business to flourish, bring high income and positive emotions, you need to choose a demanded product and a profitable business model. MeiTan offers just such a business project: safe, stable and successful.

A business project in the field of beauty and health will help keep you, your loved ones and your clients young and active.
A secure business project will allow you to enter the market with minimal risks and maximum economic guarantees.
A successful Business Project - a wide target audience, a loyal group of consultants and consumers - will provide high sales to offices in any city and region.
Open a MeiTan Sales Office in your city and get:

  • turnkey business;
  • four types of income;
  • support and training at all stages;
  • high income and the ability to scale the business.
    Join Team MeiTan!

Phone: +7 (3852) 289-555 (extension 176)
Cell phone: +7 (905) 986-04-06

Project Manager
Darya Byzova
Get an offer now
Proposal for opening MeiTan Sales Offices
Partnership rules


Monthly payments to the Company


MeiTan only

from 330 thousand rubles

Initial investment amount

Corporate standards

United in all sales offices

from 20 sq. m.

Sales Office Sales Area (Ownership or Rent)

More than 2 km

Distance from working offices

Partnership Benefits

up to 160%

Product margin **

from 780 thousand rubles

Income for the first year of work ***

up to 62%

Gross profitability

from 11 months

Exit to payback

up to 9%

Additional income from sales of the entire structure of Consultants

Gifts from the company

When performing a planned purchase of goods during the year

Earn with MeiTan
4 steps to opening a sales office
Register as a Consultant and join MeiTan
Write an application to the Company for opening a Sales Office
Create a step-by-step action plan with the Project Manager
Implement the action plan, hold the grand opening and start earning
Do you want to be part of the team?
Get step-by-step instructions, commercial offer, catalogs and price lists
Choose your option for partnership with the company
Additional income, main job, own business - find out more
Earn money from sales
Open a MeiTan sales office abroad

Быстрый заказ по артикулам

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Собственные офисы продаж
пер. Орлово-Давыдовский, 1, ст.метро Пр-т Мира
Григорьева Любовь Венедиктовна
Региональные Бизнес–центры
проезд Серебрякова, 14, с. 23
Бобылева Ольга и Ефтаков Александр
Официальные Представительства
пр-т Андропова, 38к3, оф. 331, ст.м. Коломенская
Быченкова Елена и Песку Николай
Региональные Офисы МейТан
ул. Южнобутовская, 60
Шуляк Татьяна и Кристина
Дмитровское шоссе, 98
Варданян Манана
ул. Перерва, 52, корпус 1
Тирская Ирина
ул. Профсоюзная 93А, станция метро Беляево, офис 21
Чаколева Зухра